Twinkly branches beyond trees to light up your smart home

Light mapping and fully addressable LEDS make these lights super fun

Twinkly launches new smart lights
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Colored LED light strips are poised to be a big thing in 2021, with the TikTok and Instagram worlds ablaze with influencer bedrooms bathed in colorful lights.

Of course, the smart home has been in on this game for a while, but it's been lacking somewhat in whimsy.

Twinkly, makers of undulating smart string lights designed to adorn your Christmas tree, is here to fix that, launching its first home decor line at CES 2021 this week.

Twinkly branches beyond trees to light up your smart home

Twinkly Line - a 100 pixel addressable LED strip, Twinkly Flex - a 200 pixel addressable LED flex tube, and Twinkly Squares - 64 pixel addressable panels, are three, new smart lighting products from the Milan, Italy-based company.

All RGB color LEDs, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, Alexa and Google voice-assistant compatible, and fully controllable through Twinkly's app, this smart lighting line has a ton of potential for customization.

What's unique about Twinkly's lights is its proprietary computer vision mapping technology that can precisely detect the exact position of every LED, allowing for a completely customizable light layout - even after you've installed it.

Twinkly branches beyond trees to light up your smart home

Previously, this meant you could have cool patterns on your Christmas tree lights, but now you can bring some funky neon action to other parts of your house, and change it all up with just a few taps in the Twinkly app.

The Squares in particular have some intriguing use cases, allowing you to create your own wall art. And the flex tube can be contoured into any shape, so you can finally see your name up in lights.

Twinkly branches beyond trees to light up your smart home

The Line and Flex lights will be available in Q2 2021, with the squares coming later in Q4.

And while pricing hasn't been released yet, based on the price of its string lights (starting at $60 for 100), we can expect these to be a premium product.

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