Brits can now use Alexa and Google Assistant to get essential government info

'What age can I retire?', 'How do I apply for a passport?'

UK government gets aboard smart speakers
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More and more, people are getting on board with smart assistant, and it's not just "the brands" that want in. The UK government has announced it will disseminate information through Alexa and Google Assistant.

Over 12,000 pieces of info from have been made available through the digital assistants, meaning Brits can now ask their smart speakers questions like, "How do I apply for a passport?" and "What age can I retire?" (we wouldn't advise asking the latter).

The arrival was timed perfectly for the UK bank holiday - you can also ask Alexa and Google when the next one is - and is enabled automatically, meaning you won't have to do anything in the app. Just get asking.

While plenty of smart assistant tie-ins feel like they're done just for the sake of it, using smart speakers to disseminate information on things like the minimum wage and getting free childcare has much more value. Users can avoid digging through web pages or having to call up and speak to someone on the phone.

The government also promises to expand the service down the road by adding info on renewing car tax, details on how to get married and more.

Here's hoping we'll see other countries follow suit, particularly where information can be difficult to track down online. Yes America, we're looking at you.

Via: Android Police

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