Nest Secure: Launching in the UK... in 2019

And no launch planned for the all-new Nest Temperature Sensor

Nest Secure: No UK launch until 2019

Nest Secure – the smart home security system that has been a big hit Stateside – isn’t coming to the UK (or indeed Europe) until 2019 at the earliest.

That’s the word from Nest's Lionel Guicherd-Callin, who told The Ambient that the delay is down to the company being able to offer a “full security story” for the product. What that means is that there’s cellular issues to overcome, as well as security firm partnerships to get in place.

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In the US, where Nest Secure has been on sale since late 2017, the system offers an optional 24/7 monitoring from Moni ($19.99 a month) where, if your Nest Secure alarm is triggered, the security specialist will instantly alert you and your emergency contacts and, if no one answers, request a police dispatch.

There's also a cellular backup option in the States ($5 a month) that means that, even if your Wi-Fi is down when an alert takes place, the system can still fire off notifications to linked smartphones.

Guicherd-Callin also confirmed to us that Nest’s latest product – the Nest Temperature Sensor – will not be launching in the UK or Europe at all. Nest says this is due to differences in heating systems and didn't offer any alternative set up for European users. Smart heating rivals such as Hive, Tado and Ecobee offer multi-zonal heating around the house using various tech including radiator valve adaptors, multiple thermostats or room sensors.

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If you live in the US, the $39 puck can be placed in any room to allow your Nest Thermostat to adjust the heating or cooling in that room specifically. There are also three-packs of Temperature Sensors available for $99.

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