Vivint now lets you keep an eye on your car's security, as well as your home's

Now you can protect your home and car in one app

Vivint adds car security
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Vivint offers one of the most extensive smart home security systems out there, sending professionals to your home to install smart garage sensors, motion sensors, door sensors, thermostats and more. And now it's going to extend that to the road.

Vivint Car Guard is a little device you install under your dashboard with GPS and LTE, a 3-axis accelerometer and back-up battery. It can use all that tech to let you know if someone is trying to steal your car, sending you a notification via the Vivint app. It also turns your car into a bit of a smart car.

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Because it's plugged into your car's diagnostics port, you'll also get updates on its performance and when it needs maintenance. If there's something wrong, like a status light blinking, it'll tell you exactly what it needs. You'll even see how much life your car battery has left, so you won't ever be surprised when you try to turn on your car and find out it's dead.

With location tracking, you'll also get to see where your car is and whether it's moving or parked. You can share its location via text, email or Slack and there's an in-app map that'll let you see exactly where your car's located. You can also set geofencing, so that you can know when your car leaves or returns to your home neighborhood (you know, in case your teen takes your car out without permission).

You'll even get extensive statistics on how someone drives your car; whether they go past a speed limit you set, whether the car bumps into something, the distance and duration of trips, the max and average speeds and fuel efficiency.

Vivint is adding cars to its smart home security system

Finally, it plugs into Vivint's larger smart home. So if someone is trying to break into your car at night, you can arrange your smart home's outside lights to turn on and outdoor smart cams to start recording.

All of this sounds pretty similar to Automatic, another device that plugs into your diagnostics port and tracks your vehicle. The added benefit with Vivint, however, is that it can have tighter integration with your Vivint smart home.

The Vivint Car Guard is available now, and can be bundled into your existing Vivint smart home service plan. You can also purchase it separately for $199, but you will need to subscribe to the $9.99 per month service plan, which enables all the monitoring.

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