​Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro declares war on lurkers with AI

4K security camera tries to reduce false positives

​Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro uses AI
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Vivint has released a brand new security camera, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro.

The camera itself boasts a 4K HDR sensor, although it will only stream footage to your smartphone at 1080p. It has a 140-degree field of view, meaning you can capture an extremely wide area, but there’s no word of image flattening that we’ve seen on the Arlo Ultra.

However, it’s the camera's AI features that make it unique. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is designed to look for “lurkers” (Vivint's words) – which means people hanging around in and around your property, and acting suspiciously. You can set the lurking duration between one and 90 seconds – which helps you fine tune the amount of notifications you’ll receive.

The idea is that a simple motion notification will produce so many false positives, it becomes less useful - in fact, you'll likely start ignoring them. But, with the Outdoor Camera Pro, you can choose to be alerted to people spending an unusual amount of time in the camera’s field of view.

Once a lurker has been identified, the Outdoor Camera Pro has some deterrent features as well. Two-way talk isn’t unique but is on board here, as there’s a red LED light ring and five different warning tones.

“Cameras are our most popular smart home product category for a reason – would-be burglars fear cameras the most of any security solution,” said Jeff Lyman, chief product officer at Vivint Smart Home. “Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro goes beyond awareness by introducing a new layer of protection that helps deter and prevent crime.”

The Outdoor Camera Pro is part of Vinint’s smart home ecosystem, which also includes locks, lights, cameras, doorbells and more – so you won’t be able just to buy it off the shelf.

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