Apparently more than 1 in 10 of us want more voice commands for the toilet

How far is too far?

Survey shows people want toilet commands
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A voice command in this room, a voice command in that room. Regardless of where you stand in your home, it can now be connected, and a new report suggests some of us might even want that support to spread to the toilet.

According to Walker Sands' Future of Retail 2018 survey, 57% of us employ voice-controlled devices in the living room, while 33% of those polled also link up the kitchen and 27% have their bedroom synced for commands.

And though these are the most common areas for those speaking to their smart speakers within the home, a further 14% of respondents have even activated the help of their smart assistant while in the bathroom. Whether that involves shouting at the likes of Alexa or Google Assistant from the bathroom isn't clarified in the report, though further figures would suggest it could become even more common practice, if people get their way.

Not only do some already bark orders within their bathroom, but 13% also want more control options for hands-free commands while sitting on the toilet. That's right, while literally sitting on the toilet.

And this naturally begs the question - what exactly do people want to command from their future toilet thrones? Hands-free flushing is a no brainer, obviously, but what else could you really say besides, "Hey Google, flush the toilet for eight seconds AND play my bathroom playlist".

With that said, it's important to keep in mind how much people are actually making these commands, too. The survey pointed out that most users don't use their smart assistant for complex commands, with 57% mainly using the device to play a song, 25% to hear jokes and 19% to connect their smart home.

If you're stuck for how to make the most of your smart assistant, jump on over to our best Google Assistant commands or best Alexa commands. Be warned, though, there's nothing in there relating to the toilet.

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