The Walabot Home will detect when someone falls and call for help

You're not going to need that wearable anymore

Walabot Home automatically detects falls
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Falling is a serious threat for seniors with over 29 million people over 65 falling every year. There are wearable devices aimed at helping, but sometimes wearables aren't convenient - like in the bathroom. Vayyar Imaging wants to fill that gap with its new Walabot Home monitoring device.

You simply stick it on the wall in your home - Vayyar suggests the bathroom as many incidents happen there - and if there's a fall, it'll automatically detect it and alert your loved ones. There's also a button on the Walabot Home that'll let you call your loved ones, too.

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The Walabot Home doesn't use any cameras or sensors to detect movement and falling. Instead, it uses a low-power radio wave technology that Vayyar says is similar to Wi-Fi. It's gone this route rather than camera sensors in an effort to maintain privacy - especially since its device is meant to be used in a bathroom, where privacy is paramount.

Senior living is looking like the next area a lot of smart home companies will be turning their attention to. Nest, for example, is looking at ways to convert its existing smart home products into devices that seniors could use to live independently.

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the market for such devices is said to, uh, boom. As for the Walabot Home, you can order it for $249.99 on the company's website right now.

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