Wiz smart lamps are a budget alternative to Philips Hue

Smart lights for those who want something simple and affordable

Wiz smart lamps are a budget alternative
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Wiz has broken away from simple smart light bulbs with a series of affordable table lamps.

Here’s the interesting part. They might strike you as a cheaper alternative to a Hue setup but Wiz and Philips Hue share the same parent company, Signify.

Signify acquired Wiz in 2019, but for now at least you can’t control Wiz lights in the Hue app. Or Hue lights in the Wiz Connected app.

Wiz lights use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for their connection, and do not need a separate hub.

“By offering the most intuitive and easy-to-setup ecosystem, with a feature rich app connecting our smart products, we are helping consumers to create a welcoming environment with smart lights for every lifestyle,” says Wiz Connected’s Business Leader Maikel Klomp.

The Wiz Squire may be the highlight from the new line-up. It is a two zone 620-lumen light intended to cast color onto a wall, to add a bit of ambience to a room. It costs $59.99 and is available now.

Wiz also announced an updated version of its existing Hero lamp. This doesn’t have the two-zone color of the Squire, but offers comparable light output and could be used as a wake-up light. It’s cheaper and arguably smarter than the entry-level Lumie alternatives.

A Wiz Hero Gen 2 costs $49.99 and is also available now.

There are new options for those looking to upgrade their traditional light bulbs to smart LEDs too.

A 3-light color ceiling fixture with angled GU10-style spotlights costs €99.99 Euro . White light only versions are available for €10 less, and single and two-head variants are also part of the range.

There are “tunable” low-profile ceiling lights available with black or white housings, with 14W or 16W power output. This equates to 1300 or 1500 lumens. They use white LEDs, but the color temperature can be changed, from 2700k to 6500k.

Wiz sells a low-cost smart plug for €19.99 Euro (US price TBC), letting you switch appliances off completely through the Wiz Connected app.

In all cases, the Wiz appeal is similar. You get the basics of smart home control for less money, minus some of the more advanced features of a Hue setup.

However, they can all be operated through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri, and the hub-free system should appeal to those looking to try out smart home lighting.

Wiz already offers a comprehensive array of bare bulbs in all the common fittings, and light output of up to 806 lumens.

The company also announced its plans to adopt the Matter communications standard earlier this year, meaning these lights should be inter-operable with Hue lights and others at some point in the future.

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