Ring's security system now doubles as a smart home hub

New Works with Ring program brings smart home devices together

Ring turns alarm system into home hub
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Amazon's smart home company Ring has announced a new Works with Ring program, which lets users turn their Ring Alarm security system into a smart home hub capable of talking to more than 1,000 devices.

The new program turns the Ring Alarm Base Station into a Z-Wave hub that can now talk to products from Yale, GE, Schlage, Kwikset and more. In fact, any Z-Wave device can now connect to the hub station, however select "certified" devices will have tighter integrations.

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All of these devices can be controlled through the Ring app, and all products will need to connect to the Base Station for this to work. Examples of the new integrations include being able to view house visitors through Ring's Doorbell and unlock the door by controlling your smart lock in the same app.

One exception to the Base Station requirement is the Schlage Encode lock, which can connect to any Ring doorbell or camera without the need for the hub.

Ring says it will expand the line of Works with Ring devices throughout the year.

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