Wyze Cam v3 suffering from chip shortage: Budget tech company will prioritize premium users

You'll need a Cam Plus subscription to get the new cheap camera flagship

Wyze Cam v3 suffering from chip shortage
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Some bad news if you were hoping to pick up the all-new Wyze Cam v3 for that incredibly low $20 price-point... the budget tech specialist has revealed that, due to silicon shortages, it won't have enough devices to meet demand.

Wyze has announced that it will, therefore, prioritize Wyze Cam Plus subscribers, when it comes to buying new v3 models.

The good news is that, if you're not a Wyze Cam Plus subscriber now, you can simply pay $34.99 for a v3 and the membership at the Wyze online store.

"Right now, there is a global shortage on silicon," read an email from the company's co-founders to users.

"We will be disportionately affected by this because we are a low margin, high volume business. When materials are scarce, not only do manufacturing costs go up, but our sales volume is restricted so that we can’t cover our fixed costs.

"We will get through this, just like we got through the worst of the coronavirus in 2020. But we will need your patience while we get creative over the next few months."

In our Wyze Cam v3 review we stated that "you really need Cam Plus for this camera to be of any use as a security camera" anyway, as it removes a number of restrictions in the app.

The Wyze Cam v3 packs a fresh new look, more powerful hardware and lots of other new features.

One of the biggest changes is that Wyze Cam v3 can be used as an outside security camera because it’s been given an IP65 rating, meaning it can withstand all sorts of bad weather without blowing up.

Inside, there’s a lot of new clever tech too. The Wyze Cam v3 is capable of vivid 1080p color night viewing thanks to an F1.6 aperture that picks up twice as much light as previous models.

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