Wyze launches pre-orders for its budget smart plug pair

The super cheap smart home ecosystem expands further

Wyze launches smart plug
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The newest kid on the smart home block, Wyze is causing quite a stir with its low-priced, high-quality smart gadgets. And they’re clearly catching on.

Wyze Labs, a Washington-based startup founded by four former Amazon employees, has launched pre-orders for its new connected wall plug. At $15 for a two-pack, they proved so popular there was a waitlist to get on the waitlist (for a short time today visitors to Wyze’s site had to wait in a queue to enter due to high volumes of traffic). If you do manage to order the plugs today, they’ll ship in September, according to the Wyze site.

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The Wyze plug is a standard smart plug that lets you control anything plugged into it via the app, or with voice control (Alexa and Google Assistant - not HomeKit), and is compact enough to not cover up your other outlet.

It can be set on a schedule, timer, or put into vacation mode (triggering random events to simulate occupancy). It can also monitor energy use and will work with Wyze’s other devices, the Wyze Cam, Wyze Sense, and Wyze Bulbs.

The Wyze app lets you set automatons between its products - such as turn on the plug when a sensor detects motion, but it can’t do more than one action at a time. Wyze devices all work on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

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While there’s nothing super exciting here, the price is good (although not unheard of in this space) and if you’ve already started adding Wyze’s super cheap cameras, sensors, and bulbs to your home these plugs should be on your shopping list.

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