Wyze reveals it's interested in making a smart speaker

Along with locks, doorbells, thermostats, and plenty more

Wyze exploring a smart speaker
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It appears that smart home startup Wyze is on a roll, with co-founder David Crosby telling The Ambient the company has now sold over three million Wyze Cameras. Now it's looking to what's next, and a smart speaker could be on the cards.

Speaking to The Ambient, Crosby said the company was looking to add more to its current lineup, which comprises indoor cameras, a sensor, a light bulb and a smart plug. Among other things, Crosby also said the company is interested in a smart speaker and confirmed it's "exploring" the possibility.

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Wyze's entire business model is built on wafer-thin margins and high volumes, which is why it sells the Wyze Cam for just $20, despite offering many the features you'll find in much more expensive smart cameras.

Presumably, it would apply the same economics to a smart speaker. However, Wyze would lean on Alexa or Google Assistant (or perhaps even both) for a speaker, which means it would most likely offer something to rival the Echo Dot or Google Home Mini.

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Crosby also said the company plans to "flesh out" its smart lighting lineup with colored bulbs and a variety of different fittings. Wyze has been open about its outdoor camera too, which should soon see the light of day. "But we're looking at all sorts of different things: doorbells, locks, thermostats, more lighting, maybe leak sensors," Crosby told us.

You can read the rest of the interview, which delves into Wyze's plans for HomeKit, security and more here.

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