You may soon be able to control your Xbox One with Alexa and Google Assistant

Step aside Cortana, Microsoft looks set to enlist the digital voice elite

Alexa and Assistant head for Xbox One

A leaked screenshot suggests that Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa could soon be heading to the Xbox One.

Despite Microsoft having its own digital voice assistant in the form of Cortana, a snap courtesy of Windows Central, seen below, shows a page within the console's settings which indicates that Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana voice controls will soon be an option to users.

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However, what isn't clear is just what exactly Assistant and Alexa would be used for. Anybody that was an early adopter of the Xbox One will know that voice control was a big part of the initial experience, with Cortana and Kinect used to launch apps and games, shoot between menus and control playback. That's still possible in the post-Kinect world, but only through a headset.

Xbox One is set for Alexa and Google Assistant

For the apparent upcoming functionality, we suspect that while it's possible that either may be built into the console, the more likely scenario is that an existing smart speaker you have housing Alexa or Assistant will be used to control the console. If you have the Xbox One in standby mode, you may be able to use a nearby Amazon Echo Dot to turn it on, for example. The screen also signals that there will be an Xbox skill for these voice assistants. And with it embedded into the ecosystem, it could also seemingly become part of wider routines in the home.

And, really, it's something that would be a positive step, if it did come to fruition. Both of the digital assistants are digging their claws into every aspect of the home, and this is yet another example of a major device becoming more automated through their powers.

With that said, we have no hint whether this is set to land in the near future or reserved for later down the line. With E3 2018 kicking off on 12 June, though, keep your ears open for any announcements from Microsoft.

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