Aqara HomeKit-compatible Smart Wall Switches go live

Xiaomi brand's smart light switch also works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Aqara HomeKit Smart Wall Switches go live
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Aqara has extended its smart home lineup to include the new Aqara Smart Wall Switches, which are compatible with the holy trinity of connected ecosystems: HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Zigbee 3.0 smart switches, which replace your current dumb light switches come in four different flavors; differentiated by the number of rockers or buttons and the support of a neutral wire or not. The latter will come as a relief for people living in older buildings, built before wiring standards changed.

As with any smart light switch worth its salt, Aqara's new offering not only transforms a room of unconnected light bulbs into a wirelessly manageable system - whether that be through and app or by using voice commands - but, using the companion apps of your chosen smart home system, you'll also be able to configure routines and automations that include more than just lighting.

Aqara is a spin off of the Xiaomi Mi brand for the US market. Self-owned, but under the Xiaomi company Lumi Technology, Aqara recently started selling its excellent collection of smart home sensors and devices through Amazon.

It's a brilliant brand for people looking for inexpensive, reliable ways to expand their Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant powered smart homes.

We recently published a comprehensive Aqara smart home review, make sure you take a read of that for more information and details of exactly what's on offer.

The new Aqara Smart Wall Switches are on sale through Amazon, with pricing starting at $35.99.

Aqara Smart Wall Switch
Aqara Smart Wall Switch

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