You can save $105 on the Roborock S5, one of the best robot vacuum cleaners

It vacuums and mops for a whole lot less money

Save $105 off the Roborock S5 robot vacuum
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The Roborock S5 is one of our favourite robot vacuum cleaners, and right now you can save $105 off the usual price. Simply use the voucher code ROBOROCKS55 to drop the price at checkout.

Amazon: Roborock S5 - Save $105
Amazon: Roborock S5 - Save $105

This discount comes hot on the heels of the recent Roborock S4 launch deal, which dropped the more entry-level model to $369.99. But for not that much more money, it's worth considering the Roborock S5 instead.

That's because it's not only a robot vacuum cleaner, but it also mops as well. That's another arduous chore you can check off your list. Even at full price, the Roborock S5 is half the price of many similar-performing rivals. At this price, it's fantastic value.

We gave the Roborock S5 an exemplary 4.5/5 review, stating: "At the same price of its rivals it would still be great. It's getting this rating not because it's good within its price band. It's getting this rating because it's just really good."

Amazon: Roborock S5 - Save $105
Amazon: Roborock S5 - Save $105

We don't know how long this voucher is going to work, so snap it up sooner rather than later. Just remember to use the code ROBOROCKS55.

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