Yale's Smart Delivery Box wants to stop porch thieves stealing your parcels

Yale's 2020 smart security line-up goes live in Vegas

Yale's Smart Delivery Box unveiled
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Alongside the Yale Linus Smart Lock, which was revealed with the new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, Yale also used CES to reveal a few more smart security solutions; most notably the Yale Smart Delivery Box, which wants to make porch theft a thing of the past.

It's a simple idea really, the box contains Yale's new $229 Smart Cabinet Lock (which will also go on sale separately) and is, by default, unlocked. Once a delivery driver opens the box to place something in, it automatically locks, keeping your goodies safe inside.

You can unlock the box using Bluetooth on your phone when you get home, via the app, or - if you pay $50 more for the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge - you can remotely access it and unlock/lock for additional deliveries. There's also an option to get the Delivery Box with the Bridge and a cooler bag for $299.

Yale's Smart Delivery Box wants to stop porch thieves stealing your parcels

As mentioned, the Cabinet Lock can be bought on its own ($79, or $129 with the Bridge) and used inside drawers or cupboards that you want to smartly lock. The Lock contains a panic button, which is obviously intended to be used by a kid who manages to lock themself inside a box or wardrobe.

Finally, there's the new Yale Smart Safe, which can be placed anywhere or mounted to the floor or wall. It can be unlocked using a pin, or using the Yale Access app if connected to the Bridge. It's $229, or $279 with the Bridge.

Yale's Smart Delivery Box wants to stop porch thieves stealing your parcels

All of this new gear will launch in the spring.

Stay up to date with everything that’s happening in the smart home over in Vegas by checking out our CES 2020 smart home hub.

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