Yeelight Smart LED Bulb M2 boasts Google Home Seamless Setup

Bluetooth bulb is one of the first to play nicely with Google's new feature

Yeelight boasts Google Home Seamless Setup
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Xiaomi-backed Yeelight has announced a new smart LED light bulb - the M2 Bulb - that boasts compatibility with the newly announced Google Home Seamless Setup feature.

Google's Seamless Setup allows you to add smart home devices quicker and easier than ever before, using the Google Home app.

You don't need to use any additional third party apps; you don't even need to download a device's native app if it supports Seamless Setup.

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Also, there's no need to use a bridge or hub if your device is Seamless Setup compatible; your Google device - such as a Nest Audio, Google Home Max, Nest Mini or even a Google Nest Wifi access point - acts as the bridge from the smart device to the internet.

Yeelight Google Home Seamless Setup

The first wave of Seamless Setup devices are all smart light bulbs, with the new Yeelight Smart LED Bulb M2 joining the likes of C by GE bulbs and Hue Bluetooth bulbs in the line-up.

Yeelight's new smart light is compatible thanks to a Bluetooth SoC from Silicon Labs, of Z-Wave fame.

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The Yeelight M2 Bulb boasts multi-colored effects, adjustable color temperature, and increased luminance of up to 1000lm.

There's no word on pricing as of yet but we'd expect it to be pretty cheap - Yeelight stuff usually is.

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