Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum review

We take Dyson's robo cleaner for a spin

Dyson 360 Eye
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The Dyson 360 Eye is the company's first entry to the ever-growing world of smart robot vacuum cleaners. It went live a few years back, but it's still considered one of (if not the) best in the business – thanks to that famous motor.

I've actually been living with the 360 Eye for over a year now – and I've tested most of the other top robot vacuum cleaners, from the likes of Xiaomi, Neato, Samsung and Roomba, over the last few months too – so I think it's high time I delivered my full verdict.

Dyson 360 Eye: Design & build

You'll notice that the 360 Eye looks quite bit different to many of its rivals in this ever-expanding tech genre. It's a taller, yet narrower offering than the usual fat-pancake design – measuring in at 120mm x 240mm x 230mm. We're informed that Dyson was more concerned with navigating obstacles like chair legs than it was with getting under furniture.

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On that, it's succeeded. The Dyson is one of the top performers when it comes to not getting stuck – the tank track wheels make it a decent climber too. It's not perfect by any stretch; our baby's high-chair legs cause it no ends of bother, but the amount of times it gets stuck per month could be counted on one hand.

Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum review

However, if you have got side units and appliances that you do want the gap underneath cleaning then the Dyson isn't for you. You do end up sacrificing large parts of your flooring as no-go zones due to its taller stature.

You'll also notice no brushes sticking out from the edges of the Dyson – cleaning is handled by a motorised brush bar with the same carbon filaments and nylon bristles you'll find on an upright cleaner from the company. I did worry this might mean dirty corner spots but we needn't have – it's a consistently good clean.

Dyson 360 Eye: Performance

You won't be surprised to hear that the Dyson 360 Eye is one of the heaviest hitters of the robot cleaner bunch, and it actually has the highest suction rating of any of the cleaners that I've tested – 1800-2000Pa, if that means anything to you. Dyson claims it has twice the suction power of any robot cleaner and while I don't agree that's entirely true we will agree that it does suck big time – and, with vacuum cleaners, that's a good thing.

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If you let the 360 Eye loose on carpet you thought was clean. Its dust container will be full of grey filth by the time its 45 minute cycle is done. Yep, 45 minutes – that's not a lot, we agree. However, I use our Dyson in our open plan living room / dining room / kitchen setup, and 45 minutes is just about enough.

Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum review

There is also a 'quiet' mode, which turns down the suction power – as well as the noise – which lasts for 70 minutes. However, even if it doesn't quite get the job finished the Dyson is clever enough to go and charge itself (2 hours 45 minutes for a full charge) and then resume the job from exactly where it left off.

It does that, and locates itself in general, using the 360 panoramic camera on the top, which is constantly scanning the room to look at where it's going and where it still needs to visit. There are no additional extras – virtual walls, barriers etc – that need setting up with the Dyson, it's good to go right out of the box. That also means it's easy to move around the house to different levels. It obviously won't be able to find its way back to the charging station if it's not on the floor where that's plugged in, but it will work itself back to the exact spot where it started cleaning and wait for you to come and collect it.

Dyson 360 Eye
Dyson 360 Eye

I have my 360 Eye cleaning hard flooring and a carpeted area and it performs really well on both. The hard flooring is a mock-floorboards setup, with big grooves between the planks that gather dust and grime - and the carpet is constantly covered in crumbs from our toddler's various snacks throughout the day. The 360 Eye smashes through all of this though, leaving a nice gleaming floor.

Dyson 360 Eye: Maintenance and battery

As with any Dyson vacuum cleaner – or any robot vacuum cleaner for that matter – you will have to do a bit of maintenance to keep things working well. You'll have to untangle old hair out of the brushes, you'll have to empty the dust bin (almost daily) and you'll have to pop the filter out every month or so if you want to be sure that all of those micro nasties are being kept in the net and not blown out into the air.

Thankfully this all very Dyson-esque, with compartments and segments all popping apart with ease.

Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum review

The charging base isn't the most robust we've come across, and the 360 Eye sometimes struggles to find the exact spot it needs to be in in order for the metallic points to be in contact for a charge. Often, we go to start a clean only to find the 360 hasn't actually been charging – and that is fairly irritating.

Dyson 360 Eye: Dyson Link app

The Dyson Link app gives you access to live status of your cleaner, schedules plus maps of previous cleans, and you can also remotely start a clean from your smartphone. Also, on the smart home front, there's an Alexa skill, so you can ask your 360 Eye to start or stop cleaning from your Echo speaker.

Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum review

It's pretty detailed, but not the best app we've seen either in terms of details provided or functionality. Other robot cleaners have options to create virtual areas based on the map, remote controls to clean certain spots – or the functionality to operate based on a home/away status (provided from the likes of Nest).

Dyson 360 Eye
There's a lot to love about the 360 Eye – it's still the most complete robot vacuum cleaner. It's super simple to set up, there's no messing with virtual walls and the like, and it's excellent at both navigating and cleaning. The app, which has just been updated, is slick and the Alexa integration is a welcome addition too. It's on the top-end of the price range but you know that you're paying for tried and tested technology with the Dyson brand. However, it's not perfect – other brands (we're looking at you Xiaomi and Neato) have a much wider set of useful features and, if you've got low furniture that you really want the floors underneath cleaned, then forget about it.
  • Fantastic cleaning
  • Slick app and Alexa on board
  • Clever room navigation
  • High-end price
  • Too tall to go under low furniture
  • Short battery life

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