How to reset Google Chromecast

Get your streaming dongle up and running again in no time

How to reset Google Chromecast
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In 2019 Google's Chromecast is still a great streaming dongle, letting you beam shows, movies, photos, YouTube and more to the TV.

Chromecast is all about simplicity – so simple, in fact, that it can sometimes be hard to know what to do when it all goes wrong. Chromecast stopped responding? We have the solution. Note that there are two ways to reboot the Chromecast, but we'd recommend going through the app route before trying the hard button reset method.

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First of all, make sure your Google Home app is updated to the latest version. Then you need to do the following:

1. Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.
2. Tap on the Account icon on the far bottom-right of the screen.
3. Tap on Devices and you should see your Chromecast in there.
4. Once you've selected the Chromecast tap the More button – that's the three dots in the top right corner.
5. Tap Reset or Factory reset. Confirm.

Alternatively, while the Chromecast is plugged into the TV, hold down the button on the side of the dongle. It should start to blink orange. Keep holding it until it turns white, at which point it will start the reboot sequence.

If you're still rocking a first-gen Chromecast, the reboot through the app is the same, however if you're going to hard reboot it from the device itself you instead need to hold the button down until the LED begins flashing, which should be about 25 seconds.

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