​Look innocent: Canary adds face detection to its smart security cameras

No more false positives for Canary protected homes

​Canary adds face detection to its cameras
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Smart home camera maker Canary has added facial recognition to its devices, in a bid to cut out false positives.

Person Detection – as it’s set to be called within the Canary ecosystem – is an AI algorithm which will learn familiar faces and exempt those people from motion alerts within your home. This means you’ll be able to use alert features without the ludicrous level of false positives, which renders that kind of detection useless in most ecosystems.

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Canary says that Person Detection is the first of the Canary Vision suite of features, which the company said was “AI-powered intelligence that we’re adding to Canary over the coming months that are going to make the device in your home smarter than ever before.”

Of course, Canary isn’t the only company to have worked facial recognition into its service. Nest has recently developed the feature Nest Aware which is subject to a subscription fee, which in turn brought the company level with Netatmo Welcome Home camera, which also has the ability to learn faces.

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Like Netatmo, Canary is offering its Person Detection feature as a free upgrade – and it will appear on all Canary camera devices.

It’s the next logical step for cameras to get smarter, and the use of AI facial detection is fast becoming a big differentiator. In many ways, cameras without the ability to discount known faces from alerts are problematic as security devices – and users are likely to turn off the feature rather than be bombarded with alerts of their own family.

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