LG's Eyesafe Certified TV is a world first

65-inch OLED TV features low emissions of blue light

LG's Eyesafe Certified TV is a world first
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Watching TV for too long, in the olden days, would make your eyes turn square. My mum told me that when I was 9 years-old and I've no reason to suspect she was lying.

However, unlike my mum's claims - which had no scientific basis - we do know that the blue light emitted from LED displays are linked to health problems such as eye damage, vision loss and insomnia.

With that in mind, LG has revealed the world's first Eyesafe Certified television display ahead of CES 2021.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Eyesafe develops technologies and standards in conjunction with leaders in health care, and the LG TV certification comes from an independent third-party certification company called TUV Rheinland.

"Given the growing body of research around the breadth and scope of potential eye and systemic health impacts related to blue light exposure – amid a global pandemic which has forced many of us to adopt e-learning and work-from-home routines into our daily lives no less – the timing for the world's first-ever Eyesafe Certified TV Display could not have been more timely," stated Davis Lee, a senior advisor to Eyesafe, a former Senior Vice President of LG Display, and global head of monitors at Dell Technologies.

"Through our partnership with LG Display, our mission is to work together to develop an array of display solutions that are designed to support consumer health, and we intend for the majority of the world's brands to adopt Eyesafe."

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The initial set - a 65-inch OLED TV - will be joined later this year by more models. It's not stated how the reduction in blue lights will affect the picture quality; and no price has yet to be stated (let alone a launch date - this is LG, don't forget).

The certification comes a couple of years after LG's OLED TVs received an 'Eye Comfort Display' award from TUV Rheinland.

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