Pawbo Munch treat dispenser and smart camera will keep your pets entertained

It's all fun, games and snacks

Pawbo Munch pet camera gets release
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Pawbo has released its new pet camera and smart treat dispenser, the Pawbo Munch, which it unveiled back at IFA 2017.

The Acer-owned company has a host of integrated smart pet cameras, but none pack in as much fun (or treats) as the Munch.

Controlled by a remote control or the Pawbo+ app, you can control treats and feeding – which is especially great for greedy pets. You can keep tabs on them from the built-in 720p camera, which you can control from your smartphone. But convenient feeding and saying hi to your furry pal from the office is the boring stuff, as Pawbo has packed a host of games into the Munch.

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There’s a slot machine game, which matches symbols at random and reveals the food through the motorised drawer, as well as playing music and the gadget also boasts a built-in laser-chaser, which should keep cats entertained.

There’s no shortage of pet tech on the market but most rely on cameras with two-way audio, so you can check on your pet while you’re at work. The Petcube caught our attention back at IFA 2017 with its own treat dispenser, which flicks out a single treat on demand – but the Pawbo Munch take things a bit further, which CEO Ray Lin explained:

"Pawbo Munch isn’t just about treating pets, but also about having fun with them and providing them with daily stimulus. It affords pets an opportunity to interact with their owners, encourage stimulation and increase a sense of wellbeing and attachment to their owner, no matter the distance between them,” he said.

Pawbo Munch is designed for both dogs and cats – although with the selection of games on offer, it does feel slightly more orientated towards cats. How interested they'll be is another matter, but pets do enjoy things that produce food (the main reason they tolerate you) so the Munch does feel like it's onto a winner. The Pawbo Munch is available now for £109, and makes up part of the Pawbo Theme Park collection of connected pet accessories. We'll update with US availability when we get it.

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