​Tado focuses on air quality with new app update

No new hardware required

​Tado focuses on air with new app update
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Smart thermostat underdog Tado has revamped its app – with a new focus on air. The company has added a bunch of new features, which take aim at air quality within your home using the technology within the company’s existing smart thermostat.

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While Tado can already tell when you’ve opened your window by changes in temperature, the updated app now takes outside factors into account. Named the Air Comfort Skill, Tado can use weather forecasts, pollen counts and pollution data to advise you when it’s a good idea to open or close your windows, either keeping nasties out, or getting some fresh air into your home.

There’s actually no new hardware required to take advantage of this update – and the company isn’t adding an air quality monitor to its line-up quite yet. It’s all a matter of some clever algorithmic guesswork, leveraging some existing features such as Open Window Detection, geofencing and Weather Adaptation.

“We are proud to launch our new V3+ product suite which is another step forward to help our customers to save energy, while at the same time enjoying a comfortable and healthy home.” says Tado co-founder Christian Deilmann.

“Everyone is unique, which is why we’ve also added a new level of customisation in our app that is intuitive for all to use, and serves as your personal climate assistant.”

The update means that Tado will now call its starter kit the V3+. It’s set to retail for £199 – the same price as the existing V3.

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