The Week in Smart Home: Xiaomi's new all-powerful robo vac sweeps in

All the news you missed this week

Xiaomi's new robo vac sweeps in
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Welcome back to The Week in Smart Home, where we dissect the past seven days of news, chiefly the smaller stories that got less attention.

In terms of the big headlines, Google revealed its games console, Dyson launched a trio of new products including an ambient smart light, Fibaro announced compatibility with Samsung SmartThings, and we met a new digital assistant named, err, Chris. Chris is going to live in your car. Everyone say hi to Chris.

For more, head to our dedicated news channel. Otherwise, here's what else went down...

The Week in Smart Home: Xiaomi's new all-powerful robo vac sweeps in

Xiaomi's new Roborock sweeps in

We're big fans of Xiaomi's Roborock S50 robot vac, and this week the company announced a new addition to its army of automated suckers: the Roborock Sweep T6. This is actually the work of Roborock Technology Ltd, which launched its vacuum through Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform.

The new vacuum has improved navigation, quieter sound, and new functions such as being able to store maps and clean specific rooms. The battery should get you 150 minutes of going power, which is decent enough. No word on when this may come to the US/UK, but hopefully it won't be long. Head over to GizChina for more info.

The Week in Smart Home:

Walmart had plans for smart speaker

Walmart has explored the possibility of building a smart speaker, according to a Wall Street Journal reports. Marc Lore, head of Walmart's e-commerce business has allegedly been fascinated by the idea of using its Jetblack personal-shopping service with a smart speaker.

The report describes a prototype of said speaker as "similar to a cylinder-shaped Amazon Echo, but with more colored lights". However, the company supposedly decided a text-based service would be safer for the time being, suggesting that the smart speaker has been put on ice.

The Week in Smart Home

Get $20 off the Eve Room 2

The Eve Room got a redesign last year and the addition of an E-Ink display and HomeKit support, making the tiny air quality tracker much more capable. If you've been on the fence about picking one up, good news: it's going on sale this weekend. The Eve Room 2 will be $20 off at Best Buy, bringing it down to $79.99. The offer lasts until 6 April.

The Week in Smart Home: Xiaomi's new all-powerful robo vac sweeps in

Google Smart Display deals are pretty tempting

In other Walmart news, the retailer is currently offering some tasty deals on Google speakers. The Google Home Hub is currently $20 off, bringing it down to $129.99 while the 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display is $100 off right now, down to $99.99. No word on when these offers will end, so if you're on the fence, be warned that they might not last long.

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