How to use Amazon's Alexa Energy Dashboard to monitor your smart home

Keep an eye on your energy consumption data within the Alexa app

How to use Alexa Energy Dashboard
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Amazon's Alexa Energy Dashboard, as you've probably guessed from the name, provides you an overview of the energy consumption from your compatible Alexa smart home devices.

Amazon states that it will work with smart lights, plugs, switches, water heaters, thermostats, TVs and Echo smart speakers - you can browse devices that the new Dashboard will work with over on right now.

A quick look there shows that brands such as Philips Hue, Lifx, Sengled, Gosund, TP-Link Kasa, Lutron, Honeywell, HiSense and Leviton are all on board the new energy monitoring initiative.

The platform was actually announced at the end of last year, with Amazon telling Alexa developers that they were able to implement new APIs to proactively report their device’s energy consumption to Alexa, or let Alexa estimate the energy used by those devices.

It went live back in January - for Alexa users in the US, at least.

Amazon has committed to achieving net zero carbon by 2040 as part its The Climate Pledge, and the Energy Dashboard is part of "innovating new ways with Alexa to make smart homes more efficient and help everyone have a positive impact on the planet."

Alexa Energy Dashboard in alexa app

How to use the Alexa Energy Dashboard

Within the Alexa app simply tap the Energy Dashboard icon.

For a more accurate overview, you can also enter some more detailed device details if prompted within the app.

You can sort by type, energy, time, week and month; see trends, get insights and suggestions.

As mentioned, the Energy Dashboard is only available in the US at the moment.

As well as the new Dashboard, so users can get an overview of their energy usage, Amazon also launched Alexa Hunches earlier this year, in order to get smart home devices shut down when they aren't being used.

More devices coming soon

The Energy Dashboard should see a lot more Alexa compatible devices showing up in the coming months.

When Amazon first announced the initiative back in September 2020, it opened up APIs for devs to use, to proactively report a smart home device’s energy consumption to Alexa, or let Alexa estimate the energy used by those devices.

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