​Alexa Brief Mode explained: How to turn it on and how it works

You say it best, when you say nothing at all

How to use Alexa's Brief Mode

As most Alexa users will attest, it can be a little grating how verbose Amazon’s voice assistant can be – so enter Brief Mode, which cuts down on Alexa's little chats.

When you’re an experienced user, you don’t require the level of confirmation feedback that Alexa tends to offer. But there's a solution on the way - Amazon is currently rolling out Brief Mode, its latest feature that aims to make Alexa even easier to live with.

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Once enabled, this reduces the verbal feedback from Alexa, and in many instances, replaces it altogether with a beep. That should be enough to confirm that Alexa has heard and understood your request, without the verbal bombardment.

Alexa Brief Mode: UK, Germany and France

Brief Mode started rolling out to devices back in April, but was limited to the US. We can now confirm that Brief Mode is landing in the UK, Germany and France. It's landing slower than previous Alexa features. So don't worry if you don't see it in your Alexa settings menu – it is coming, just in its own sweet time.

However, it seems to be working differently in the new territories (for now). Alexa will tell you that Brief Mode is available, and ask you whether you want to enable it. You can say yes or no at this stage. However, the below steps don't yet apply. We're guessing that Amazon is waiting for the rollout to be completed before changing the app to reflect the feature.

Alexa Brief Mode explained: How to turn it on and how it works

How to turn on Brief Mode (US)

1. Open the Alexa app

2. Head to the Settings Menu

3. Scroll down to General

4. Look for Alexa Voice Responses

5. Turn on Brief Mode

Alexa Brief Mode explained: How to turn it on and how it works

How does Brief Mode work and what does it do?

Once enabled, Alexa should respond a little differently to your requests.

Those who use Alexa-compatible smart home devices will notice the most, as Brief Mode snuffs out those annoying “OK” responses every time you adjust the brightness of your living room lights. This will also extend to things like asking for music, where you don’t have to get the full artist name, song, album and year of release repeated back to you with every request.

It should be pretty subtle, mind. You won’t get a series of bleeps when you ask for a weather report, like a meteorological R2-D2 – but hopefully you should find Alexa more natural to live with.

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