How we test – our promise

Why The Ambient's reviews are the best in the business

At The Ambient we’re committed to recommending the best in smart home technology – and that means testing things properly.

So we work a little differently to the average tech reviews site. Testing smart home technology is often difficult: it takes time, can be disruptive to set up and thanks to the fragmented state of smart home tech, doesn’t always work together.

At The Ambient we have a host of different set ups built not only to test tech – but live it.

First, we use devices long term, rather than bashing out reviews in under a week. And when the review is published that’s not the end of the story – as ecosystems evolve via updates, we’ll update our reviews on how it changes the experience.

Testing involves integrating devices within different ecosystems, testing performance within Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home and myriad of other set ups. Our review process starts from the moment a device is ordered, rating the installation experience where professional fitting is required, to the home set up, and of course, the tech itself.

We’ve also rethought out the way we work buyer’s guides. When we list the “best” devices – these have all been tested by our expert team. We’ll be calling out the devices that are best suited to different needs – as our smart homes aren’t just one-size-fits-all, let alone our budgets.

And this is what The Ambient stands for:

  • Seamless tech that brings real benefits to your home
  • Stylish devices we’d be proud to own
  • Expert opinions
  • Quality editorial
  • Technology that enhances the things you love doing
  • Reviews you can trust
  • Getting the most from your devices

Why have we gone to all these lengths? Because The Ambient is the authority when it comes to the smart home – and as such, we have to go the extra mile.