Amazon adds Tile to the Sidewalk setup ahead of big Echo launch

It's all happening for Amazon's new wireless tech

Amazon adds Tile to the Sidewalk
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Amazon has announced that tracking giant Tile is to become part of its Sidewalk wireless system.

The move, which the two companies actually announced last year, comes hot on the heels of Apple launching its potential Tile-killer: AirTags.

Tile will become compatible with Amazon Sidewalk on 14 June, just 6 days after the planned switch-on for a range of compatible Amazon Echo smart speakers for the Sidewalk network on 8 June.

Amazon, in a blog post announcing the big Sidewalk updates, explained: "Beyond making your Echo device work better, your compatible Echo will also help extend the coverage for Sidewalk-enabled devices like Tile, so they can stay connected and continue to work both at home and in the community."

Guide: How to opt out of Amazon Sidewalk

Sidewalk is designed to fill the gaps in between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It uses just a tiny fraction of your internet connection to build a shared network for your surrounding area, which other Sidewalk-compatible devices can use when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Because it’s shared, these devices could belong to your neighbors as well. Have a read of our big Amazon Sidewalk explainer to learn more.

For Tile users, it obviously means a much larger mesh network for tracking your Tile trackers.

Tile uses Bluetooth to keep track of items but it's currently limited to your own Bluetooth connection from your phone, or the existing Tile network... which is a lot smaller than the network Apple's AirTags can tap into - i.e. the millions and millions of iPhones in existence.

However, with Sidewalk compatible Echo devices will be able to massively extend Tile's network coverage.

As well as the Tile partnership, Amazon also announced that devices from smart lock brand Level will work with Sidewalk as well, using a Bluetooth connection with a Ring Video Doorbell Pro for Sidewalk access.

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