Eufy Security Smart Drop wants to keep your deliveries safe

Lock box will keep doorstep thieves from pinching your packages

Eufy Smart Drop keeps your deliveries safe
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Anker-owned Eufy has announced its latest smart security product and no, it's not a fridge. That big black box is, in fact, the Eufy Security Smart Drop - essentially an internet connected safe for your packages.

The idea is that the box is unlocked as its default state and, once the first delivery is made - and the lid is closed - the Smart Drop then locks with only a pin or the owner's paired smartphone app able to open it.

The pin is super useful if you're likely to get more than one delivery while you're out as the delivery person can either speak to you through the Eufy Home app - the Smart Drop features a built in Full HD camera and 2-way audio - to get the code, or you could enter it with the delivery instructions.

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The box measures in at 30 x 14.4 x 12.6-inches and has a 68 litre volume, so it's plenty big enough for a few packages. It features motion detecting and voice prompts for delivery drivers.

It's built from a cold-rolled carbon steel, so should be pretty durable (you can floor or wall mount) and it's designed to work at -20°C to 60°C, and is IP65 weatherproof rated.

Compatible with either the Google Assistant or Alexa, it's battery powered and a full charge should give you three months of operation.

Here's the bad news though - it's not shipping until July 2021 and the pre-order process is through Kickstarter. We know, we know.

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However, the good news is that Anker - and the Eufy brand in particular - is making quite a name for itself in the smart home world and we'd expect this Smart Box to hit the Eufy store if the Kickstarter campaign proves successful.

If you do want in on the crowdfund action though, you can potentially save yourself a bit of cash; the early bird price is just $149, with a MSRP of $299 touted for general release.

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