New Arlo Ultra security camera brings 4K recording and serious smarts

Still wire-free and still with three months battery life

New Arlo Ultra camera brings 4K to the party

Arlo has unveiled a new version of its 100% wire-free smart security camera – the Arlo Ultra. The new security camera boasts true 4K video quality and better weather-proofing, for those who want the best experience for protecting their home and staying connected with what’s happening back at the ranch.

Update: Arlo Ultra on sale now

The biggest headline change is the 4K sensor, which now uses HDR for better video quality in mixed lighting. While 4K might seem like overkill, Arlo claims that the improved quality will help you zoom in on number plates and faces, making security footage more usable.

You can stream 4K in the mobile app, and the field of view has been boosted from 130 degrees to a massive 180 degrees. The Arlo Ultra also uses fish eye correction to flatten the image, so that 180 degree footage doesn’t look like it’s been filmed through the bottom of a jam-jar.

The charger has been changed to a proprietary magnetic connection on the underside of the camera unit, which offers improved IP65 weatherproofing and counters an issue that led to a product recall on the previous generation. It still boasts around three months of battery life, even using 4K. If you decide to shirk the ultra HD and opt for standard 1080p in the settings you'll get another month of battery on top of that.

New Arlo Ultra security cameras bring 4K recording and serious smarts

The housing has also changed slightly, and there’s also the option to add a super-sized battery – which comes with a longer housing that will offer a year of battery life.

There’s an integrated spotlight this time around providing 5 metres of coverage, and minimising the use of night vision thus improving image quality.

Arlo has also improved the mic array, using an additional microphone to intelligently cut wind noise and distortion. There’s now a speaker at the front of the camera, which should make you heard.

The base station (yes, still an Arlo requirement) has been updated, now with a dual band antennae. You can use older base stations, but that will hobble your ability to access 4K footage. However, older cameras will work with the base station – so you can upgrade, use the 4K camera where it counts, and place your older Arlo or Arlo Pro cameras in less prominent locations.

The Arlo Ultra two camera bundle is $599 and a four cam pack comes in at $999 and you get a one-year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier, which offers premium features such as automatic person/animal/vehicle detection, intelligent motion zones, and a month of storage for saved clips.

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