Google Assistant is coming to Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay A9

The iconic circular speaker is getting the smart treatment

B&O's Beoplay A9 gets Google Assistant
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After first launching way back in 2012, the distinct Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 speaker is being re-released - and it's bringing Google Assistant along for the ride.

The circular design will remain largely the same in the next generation of the A9, relaunching at Venice's Biennale festival, though the fresh integration of Google's voice assistant will open up a new world of integrations within the smart home. The smart speaker will also be compatible with Google Cast and Apple's AirPlay 2, meaning you can ping across tunes from a nearby device.

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Audiophiles and fans of B&O's out-there designs will be happy to know it's not all about the new smarts, too, with the audio drivers and externals of the speaker being upgraded. Two new full range drivers are now in the back of the A9, bringing the total up to seven - something the company say will lead to a broader and more impressive soundscape.

Google Assistant is coming to Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay A9

It's also bolstered by a new feature called Active Room Compensation, which tunes the output based on the speaker's surroundings.

Like before, it can stand on its three wooden legs or hang on a wall, though the power cord has now been given a fabric cover that matches the face, which itself comes in white with oak legs, black with black walnut legs and joins the bronze tone and bras tone special editions.

Fancy one? Well, save up, because the refreshed A9 is only available from $3,000, and will go on sale 14 May.

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