Author: Conor Allison

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Conor joined The Ambient at launch in 2018, with previous experience at Digital Spy as a technology reporter and a background in journalism stretching back to 2013, where he graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with first class honours in Journalism. Alongside his role at sister site, Wareable, where he focused on the latest developments in connected health and wearable technology from companies such as Apple, Google and Fitbit, Conor was the Associate Editor of The Ambient. An expert on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Conor frequently covered the latest news and features in the areas of speakers, displays, lights, cameras and the smart assistants housed inside. This role also saw Conor test and offer verdicts on the best new smart home devices through in-depth reviews, product comparisons, buying guides and how-to explainers, helping readers weigh up their options, develop informed opinions and buy with confidence.