Eve rolls out Thread connectivity to its HomeKit smart home devices

Eve Door & Window sensors get it this month, Aqua and Thermo to follow

Eve rolls out Thread for smart home devices
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It's an absolute HomeKit Thread bonanza at the moment. The Thread-boasting HomePod Mini is now available and, as such, brands are now getting on board with the low-power mesh networking technology.

First we saw the launch of the new Nanoleaf Essentials smart lights with Thread and now Eve has announced that it is rolling out Thread connectivity to a bunch of its HomeKit compatible smart home devices.

That's possible because Thread can actually be enabled via an over-the-air firmware update. As long as devices support the 802.15.4 protocol then they can be upgraded to support Thread and the good news is Eve's Bluetooth devices do.

If you're really not sure why this matters - or why the jump from Bluetooth to Thread is good news for your HomeKit setup - then take a look at our in-depth Thread explainer.

Back to the Eve devices and it's the Eve Door & Window sensor and the European version of the Eve Energy that will get the Thread boost first; we're told to expect that this month.

Following that the Eve Aqua and the Eve Thermo will get in on the action "shortly after". The plan is for the entire product line to eventually have access to the protocol.

Eve has been in the connected home game longer than many of its rivals, and its HomeKit exclusivity makes it an obvious winner for iOS fans looking to step up their smart home systems.

With smart devices across a plethora of categories – lighting, power, security and more – Eve is an easy way to add devices to any HomeKit setup, while at the same time offering a pretty comprehensive companion app to manage non-Eve HomeKit compatible devices as well.

It's always one of the first brands out of the gate to make use of new technologies and features HomeKit affords it - only last month Eve's smart LED strip was the first product to make use of HomeKit Adaptive Lighting.

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