The Cortana-powered GLAS thermostat is getting Alexa and Google Assistant support

But there's a catch

GLAS thermostat getting Alexa and Assistant
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The Cortana-powered GLAS thermostat is probably one of the most futuristic and stylish thermostats we've seen. Created by Johnson Controls, it's got a transparent screen and runs Windows 10 IoT Core. And now it's getting some smart assistant variety.

The GLAS is getting both Alexa and Google Assistant support, so you'll be able to control the temperature via both assistants on either your Echo or Google Home device. However, you'll only be able to control them with Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

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Cortana is built right into the GLAS, which has a microphone and speaker that let users interact with Cortana right on the device. Alexa and Google Assistant won't have the same abilities, but you'll still be able to use them to control your device. Using Cortana on the GLAS will let you use Cortana to do other things, like ask for information and control other smart home devices.

The GLAS is actually a lot like the latest Ecobee, which comes with Alexa built right in. You'll be able to remotely control your thermostat and it'll also learn your schedule and automatically set the temperature the way you like it. More impressively, the GLAS comes with sensors that track indoor and outdoor air quality and will adjust the temperature to give you the best possible environment.

You can also use that sweet display to display things like calendars, the aforementioned air quality and energy use data. The GLAS is easily the second biggest Cortana-powered device in the smart home world, after the Harmon Kardon Invoke smart speaker.

You can pre-order the GLAS for $319 from Johnson Controls' website, and it'll begin shipping on 24 August.

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