Spotify finally comes to Apple TV with a dedicated app

The app can be downloaded from the tvOS app store now

Spotify finally comes to Apple TV
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Spotify has launched a dedicated streaming app for the Apple TV, filling one of the major software gaps on the streaming platform.

The app is available to download now from the tvOS app store, and lets you use your Spotify account as normal via the streaming box.

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For those with a free account, access will be similar to that on the phone or computer, featuring ads, while Spotify Premium members will be able to access their full library, playlists and suggestions without limitations.

The app features a large "now playing" view that shows details of your current track, while also taking advantage of the screen real estate offered by a TV to show you the last two and next two tracks in your queue.

Spotify's not the only major streaming service to have arrived on Apple TV recently, though - it's also joined by a new Twitch app, bringing the huge video streaming platform to your television.

It's a pretty straightforward port, letting you browse channels and pick streams to view, and you can even participate in stream chats using the slightly testing typing function of the Apple TV remote (or one of Apple TV's other input methods).

These apps bring the Apple TV in line with Amazon's Fire TV devices and other competitors on a couple of significant fronts, and mean that you no longer have to rely on dodgy or costly third-party clients to access widely-used streaming platforms.

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