Polk Command Bar adds Alexa to your home cinema setup

This connected sound bar has Amazon's digital assistant built in

Polk Command Bar adds Alexa
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The Polk Command Bar is something slightly new, a sound bar packing Amazon Alexa smarts. We first saw this $299 slick looking, loud sounding piece of home cinema kit at CES 2018 - the audio demo at the show was pretty impressive.

It's designed to sit under your TV or be mounted on the wall. You can tell it's an Alexa device just from looking at it - Polk hasn't buried Amazon's digital assistant away behind its own design, it's worked in a Echo-esque circular panel on the top featuring the familiar blue ring, four control buttons and far field microphones.

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As well as the usual Alexa features and smart home controls, Polk also has its own Alexa skill, meaning you can expand the Command Bar's usefulness for controlling your TV - you can say "Alexa, switch to HDMI 1" for example.

If you're playing music too loudly for Alexa to hear you - there's also a button on the Command Bar's remote control that can fire her up.

On the audio side there's two 1.25 x 3.25-inch full-range drivers, two 1-inch tweeters and you'll also get a ported, wireless 6.5-inch subwoofer in the box too. It's compatible with 4K TVs, with dual HDMI 2.0b inputs and there's also a special HDMI port on the back, designed to slot the Fire TV stick into, without needing to power it. It'll work for non-Amazon streaming sticks too.

Dave Limp, the boss of the Alexa business at Amazon, was at the press conference where the Command Bar was revealed and said, “We want Alexa in every room in the house. This device is a great example of the impact we can have on entertainment.”

Coming in at a pretty reasonable $299, the Polk Command Bar opened for pre-orders in the US in April but still says 'coming soon'. We're told it will launch in the UK in July.

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