Samsung launches design competition for Ambient Mode TV animations

Ideas for what could fill a TV sized space - wanted

Samsung launches Ambient Mode design comp
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Samsung's 2018 line of QLED TVs launched with a clever feature for stylish smart homes. Ambient Mode means that when you're not actually watching your TV you can set it to display useful information like the time and weather; graphics and animations or even what's on the wall behind it so the TV blends into the look of the room. In other words, no more big, black screens dominating one wall.

Now Samsung has teamed up with design blog Dezeen to launch a competition to create graphics and animations for Ambient Mode.

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The deadline for entry is 3 August and there's a total of €29,500 prize money to be awarded to the winners: €8,000 for the winner, €3,000 for two runners-up and so on. There's also a chance for any of the top 15 entries to bag a €10,000 sale of their work to Samsung.

The judging panel includes graphic designer Neville Brody; designer Erwan Bouroullec; Dezeen's Amy Frearson and Dontae Lee, head of Samsung Electronics' design centre. You can enter here.

Samsung is looking for both static and animated images to create "a new Ambient Mode experience" and they can be based on the existing modes - decor, information and personal photos - or go for something entirely new. The tech giant is going for a particular vibe, though, with four background scenes to work from.

We've yet to test the new 2018 QLED range from Samsung but when we got a demo of Ambient Mode earlier this year, we were immediately sold on the concept. So we're looking forward to seeing what Samsung buys and awards in this competition.

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