Samsung SmartThings finally gets Google Nest integration

Google Nest and SmartThings compatibility kicks off in January 2021

Samsung SmartThings gets Nest integration
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Google and Samsung's SmartThings have, at last, announced a partnership whereby Google's Nest smart home devices will work within the SmartThings ecosystem.

It's great news for anyone that uses a SmartThings smart home hub to automate routines and scenes within homes that also contain Nest thermostats, security cameras and doorbells.

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The SmartThings announcement states not only does it mean you'll be able to view Nest Cam footage within the SmartThings app - which isn't all that useful or needed - it also makes it clear that you'll be able to incorporate Nest devices into your existing "scenes and automated experiences... controlling the functions with simple voice commands or through the SmartThings app."

We're hoping that extends to using features within Nest devices - think motion sensors inside the Cams - to create security based automations that kick start actions for other SmartThings compatible devices.

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In Google's announcement of the joining of forces, it states that more Samsung smart home appliances and devices will also soon come with Google Assistant voice. So you can say “Ok Google, preheat the oven to 350 degrees”for your connected Samsung cooker or "Hey Google, how long is left of the wash?" if you've got a Samsung washing machine.

The new partnership officially goes live in January 2021. Rest assured that we'll be putting it through its paces to find out exactly what it can and can't do.

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