Ezlo Secure smart home hub has battery and 4G backup

High-end Zigbee and Z-Wave hub launches alongside new Ezlo Plus

Ezlo Secure has battery and 4G backup
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CES 2021 doesn't officially kick-off until next week but that hasn't stopped Ezlo from revealing a duo of new devices it will be showing off at the tech expo: the Ezlo Secure and the Ezlo Plus.

The pair of new smart home hubs both boast Z-Wave and Zigbee radios and are compatible with more than 27,000 smart home devices.

Starting with the Ezlo Secure (pictured above), as it's the pick of the pair, and it's designed to keep your smart home running even if your internet connection falls off of cliff, or you get a power cut.

It packs in a battery backup power option as well as LTE connectivity to keep your devices online. You'll need to sign up for the Ezlo Protect security monitoring service for the latter.

Its makers state it is "4x more powerful and 2x faster than the market-leading hub" - we'd guess they mean the SmartThings Hub - and it is one of the first to feature the Z-Wave 700 Series Module, as well as being Z-Wave LR compatible - although that's yet to launch.

Using the new Vera app, the Ezlo Secure is also compatible with both the Google Assistant and Alexa.

Ezlo plus hub

The Ezlo Plus (above) looks to be a great gateway device for anyone looking to dip their toes in the world of smart home hubs and automation.

It doesn't have the battery backup or 4G smarts of the Secure but the connectivity is on a par: Z-Wave (700 Series), Zigbee, Alexa and Google Assistant are all present and correct.

And it costs just $69.95, whereas the Secure will be $199.95. Both devices are going on sale from February 2021.

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