Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

The top connected tech for your smart home kitchen

The best smart kitchen devices

We're living in an age where fridges connect to the internet and cutlery is Bluetooth-enabled; if yours aren't you may as well be eating your dinner with twigs, you dinosaur.

The top smart kitchen devices are now commonplace in the internet of things revolution, with a whole host of cool connected accessories and appliances up for grabs ranging from smart stoves to forks and plates that help you manage portion control.

If you're not sure where to get started with upgrading your kitchen supplies, check out our pick of the best kitchen tech.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

Meater+ smart thermometer

$99, Amazon |

If you keep poisoning your dinner party guests with undercooked meat, you need Meater in your life. Touted as the first wireless smart meat thermometer, the startup is now back with its second generation Meater+ - much more than just a digital reader with Bluetooth.

Its big strength lies in the app that accompanies it. Simply insert the Meater+ probe into whatever you're cooking (pork, poultry, fish or really any meat), leaving the ambient sensor an inch or so of room, and then select the meat type, cut and desired finish in the app. The app will then tell you the target temperature, the current temperature and the ambient temperature, giving you alerts on cooking times along the way (you leave Meater in while you cook).

Suitable for oven cooking, the BBQ and more, the Meater probe actually charges within its own box through an AA battery. Its newer model also has a range of 50m from the phone (up from 10m in the first generation), using its case as a signal repeater.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

$129.99, Amazon |

This smart Crock-Pot is WeMo-enabled, so you can adjust cooking settings from wherever you are. Using the free WeMo app (the same app that your WeMo smart bulbs and switches live in), you can check on the temperature, cook-time, change settings to warm or even turn off the device right from your smartphone.

It makes cooking with a crockpot more convenient than ever, especially if you're sitting in traffic on the way home.

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Anova Culinary Sous Vide precision cooker

$159.99, Amazon |

Maybe you only have your kitchen to cook in. Or maybe you're very particular about how your meat is cooked. The best solution for you is not grilling, but an alternative cooking method: sous vide.

You're going to essentially be boiling your meat (protected by a plastic bag) and the Anova Culinary will keep you alerted to how your meat is cooking via its companion app. You can not only monitor what's going on, but control it as well. You'll get your meat perfectly done each time, and then you'll get to finish it off on a grill to get that BBQ look and flavor. You can't lose.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

Smarter Coffee 2.0

$249.99, Amazon |

Now in its second-generation, Smarter gives you your coffee on demand, using your smartphone or tablet to get things started. You tee-up (coffee-up?) as many as 12 cups at once and you even have the option to select the strength of your brew.

'Welcome home' and 'wake up' modes can be set to kick start the machine into action based on set geo-locations and timings and, with IFTTT applets, you can cook up a whole host of set recipes to match your mood. Bad night's sleep recorded by your Fitbit? Strong coffee in the morning, for the win. Throw Alexa into the mix and it's a pretty strong setup.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

Amazon Dash Button

$4.99 | Amazon

The Dash buttons can live anywhere in your house but the kitchen makes the most sense. With a tap, the Dash can order whatever you want straight through your Amazon account.

So, the next time you need more coffee or paper towels, the Dash button is just a press away, without the hassle of hopping in your car or turning on a computer.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances



GeniCan sits with your garbage can to make sure you never forget the groceries you need.

To add items to a shopping list, you simply swipe the item's barcode code on GeniCan's barcode reader. You can then find the item added to a list on the GeniCan app on your smartphone.

If the item doesn't have a barcode, hold the item (or your hand) in front of the scanner for a few seconds. When GeniCan does not sense a barcode it will ask "What may I add to your list?" and you can tell it to add mac 'n cheese, or whatever you want.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

Anova Precision Cooker

$159, Amazon |

Sous vide cooking is the art of getting that perfect temperature, and for that job the Anova precision cooker performs magnificently. The bonus here is the added smarts, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can monitor and cook from a distance.

Just take the meat, put it in a sealed bag, drop it in the water and the Anova will do the rest. Killer steaks every time.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

T-fal Actifry Smart XL

$399.99, Amazon |

T-fal (or Tefal if you're outside the US) isn't sticking around in the dumb kitchen era. The T-fal Actifry Smart XL is Bluetooth powered fryer that lets you fire over recipes directly from your smartphone or tablet – more than 200 of them in fact.

The idea is that the Actifry Smart does the hard work for you, so you don't need to worry about what temperatures to use, or when to stir it up. The app is also on hand to give you step-by-step video instructions for the bits the fryer can't do. Good news for healthy eaters too: it's one of those fryers where a little bit of oil goes a long way – making chips healthier than broccoli. Probably.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

SmartPlate TopView


If you're used to manually inputting all your caloric intake through various food tracking apps, then SmartPlate wants to make your life easier. The 10-inch plate is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled and, get this, it comes equipped with three mini cameras and weight sensors. Basically, your dish will be watching you – or in other words, figuring out what you're eating and doling out proper portions.

If you serve yourself too much, the plate will alert you. There's also an app that syncs up with the plate to automatically analyse and keep track of every meal, and connects to MyFitnessPal and Fitbit.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances


$49, Amazon |

Somehow, despite the world's most cutting edge consumer tech being on display, HAPIfork managed to be the star of the show at CES a couple of years back. If you missed the coverage then, allow us to get you up to speed – it's a smart fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. Exactly what your life needed, right?

Using Slow Control technology, the connected cutlery measures how many mouthfuls you take and buzzes and flashes if you're scoffing your grub too quickly. There's also a dashboard for you to analyse your meal-time performance. Of course there is.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances

AmazonBasics Microwave

$59.99 | Amazon

Amazon's stock export might be its speakers, but its slowly but surely making its way into every aspect of the home and upping its connected smarts. And perhaps no example makes that clearer than the upcoming AmazonBasics Microwave. Alexa isn't baked in here, but it can hook up to a compatible device in order to take your cooking commands. Think of this as the first of many appliances Amazon and its partners usher into the smart era - this one lands on 14 November.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances


$199, Amazon |

The kitchen memo is a major part of many family's communications. In an age where you've got more instant messaging platforms to choose from than messages you'll ever send, the simple memo lives on in the form of the Invoxia Triby.

It allows you not not only to leave messages for your loved ones, but also contact them instantly with Wi-Fi calling. Plus, if you forget to leave a note, you can sketch one out when you're not at home using your smartphone as a canvas. Amazon Alexa and HomeKit are both integrated into the latest model as well.

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliances


$79.95, Amazon |

Drop scales will have you baking like Mary Berry in no time. You simply select your chosen dish from a companion app's recipe book and these connected scales will help you put together the exact ingredients to make your bake a great success.

The recipes are all one-bowl affairs, so less washing up after, and the app will even offer up alternatives ('smart substitutions') if you haven't got quite enough of one ingredient.

Smart fridges

Samsung Family Hub 3.0

From $3,052,

If you're looking for a Samsung smart fridge today, why not the wildly expensive range with Family Hub 3.0 built in - boasting a 21.5-inch screen and the ability to mirror a Samsung smart TV.

The Family Hub 3.0 series is essentially a giant tablet packed with apps. Whiteboard, StickiBoard and Shopping List all help you leave notes for yourself and your family, while others like Allrecipes and Club des Chefs offer recipes. Then there are entertainment apps, too, like TuneIn, Pandora and the screen-share for Samsung Smart TVs.

While you can tap to reveal the LG’s screen (detailed below), things on the Samsung are less whizzy. It has three cameras inside, viewable from the companion app and the device’s screen using the View Inside app.

The Family Hub 3.0 takes things to the next level in terms of smartness, though. It has Bixby – Samsung's smart voice assistant – built in, for entertainment, news briefings, note taking and the usual voice assistant features. Then there's Samsung SmartThings integration, which basically turns your fridge into a hub for the whole smart home. You can view home cameras, doorbells, turn lights on and off, all from the display.

LG InstaView ThinQ

$TBC, | Release date: TBC

While LG has been in the smart fridge game for a while, ThinQ adds AI to the mix, allowing it to talk to other LG ThinQ devices – informing the dishwasher that a big load is on the way, for example.

LG’s AI platform, the Instaview ThinQ, also has Alexa built in to read out recipes and enable you to add items to your shopping list as you run out of ingredients, as well as being a bit of an entertainment hub as well.

Back to the fridge – there’s a 29-inch screen on the front, running webOS. There are apps; some for making notes, leaving doodles for your family or inputting specifics on the contents of your fridge.

Two taps on the display will turn it transparent, so you can see inside, and check out how many beers you have left. This is definitely going to be your favourite feature. Inside is a panoramic camera as well, which you can view from your smartphone, so you can check the beer situation before you get home. It's due to hit shops later in 2018.

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