Nest Aware missing manual: Your guide to the 24/7 security service

What does Nest's subscription service get you?

Nest Aware ultimate guide
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Nest doesn't just make thermostats anymore. It also has a small - and growing - army of smart home cameras. There's the Nest Hello video doorbell and then the Nest Cam IQ indoor and outdoor, plus the regular Nest Cam in both indoor and outdoor varieties.

While most of these cameras come with some great smart features, like person alerts, there's a whole other layer of smarts you can add on top with a Nest Aware subscription.

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But what is a Nest Aware subscription, and how does it work exactly? We've got you covered with this guide to all the nitty gritty details.

What is Nest Aware?

What you need to know about Nest Aware

Nest Aware is Nest's subscription services for its various camera-based devices. It's called Nest Aware for a reason: Nest is using the power of the cloud, algorithms and machine learning to add a layer of awareness to your cameras.

These added smarts make your Nest cameras more aware of what's going on in front of them. You not only get 24/7 continuous recording, you get features that can recognize familiar faces, tell the difference between humans and animals, and features that can zero in on the action and certain areas of an area.

By the way, because your camera will continue to record at all hours of the day, you'll be able to scrub through everything - with recorded video history for up to 30 days, but we'll get to that later - and create timelapses and clips. These timelapses and clips can be shared with your neighbors or even the authorities should you need to.

What does Nest Aware do?

What you need to know about Nest Aware

It does a surprising amount of things. The most important is that you'll be able to watch all of that video your camera recorded in the Nest companion app, and important moments will be highlighted. For instance, Hello and Cam IQ already record when they detect motion, so that will be highlighted in your video timeline.

The other huge thing is intelligent alerts. Nest Aware's algorithms are constantly scanning your video and can tell the difference between a person or a thing. So you won't be alerted via notification if something falls in front of your camera - but you will be alerted if a stranger walks up to your home.

The Nest Aware algorithms can even tell the difference between a pet and a human. Even more impressive, it can tell the difference between human speech and a dog barking, should you have sound alerts on. The audio alerts are only available on the Nest Cams though, not the Hello video doorbell.

One of our favorite Nest Aware features is familiar faces. Your Nest Hello or Cam IQ will continue scan the faces of everyone that it comes into contact with. Soon enough, it'll start recognizing the same people over and over again.

What you need to know about Nest Aware

Within the companion app, you'll be able to turn these recognized faces into people. So when your dad comes over, Nest will recognize it's him. Same with someone like your UPS delivery person. Even better, you can pair Google Home with Nest Hello so that when your Hello recognizes someone ringing the doorbell, they'll be announced.

If something is going on in front of your camera, Nest Aware will automatically zoom in on the action and save a photo of it for you. By the way, all your video can be trimmed down into clips that you can share with neighbors or authorities.

Finally, activity zones are special areas that you can highlight, so that if anything happens in that area you'll get alert. This is great if you have your camera in a room with a baby crib or a large, vulnerable window. You can create an activity zone around either the window or crib and if anything happens in that area specifically you'll get an alert.

How do you buy Nest Aware?

What you need to know about Nest Aware

There are a total of six different ways to subscribe to Nest Aware, and it largely depends on how often you want to pay and how much video history you want.

There are three subscription "sizes." The smallest plan will get you five days of recorded video history, the medium plan will get you 10 days of recorded video history and the largest plan will get you 30 days of recorded video history. The rest of the plans are the same.

Each plan comes in two payment types. You can get the 5-day plan for either $5 a month or $50 a year; the 10-day plan for $10 a month or $100 a year; and the 30-day plan for $30 a month or $300 a year. Relatively simple to remember, but it's worth noting that - like most other subscription plans - paying upfront for an entire year saves you some dough.

You can subscribe to Nest Aware on Nest's website by heading to the Nest Aware section under "cameras".

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