How to link your Echo and Fire TV to create an Alexa Home Theatre System

Pair the two and boost the sound in your living room

Connect your Echo and Fire TV
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For a while now, you've been able to use your Echo speaker to control a Fire TV - but the two were never able to link up for simultaneous wireless audio output.

However, Amazon has now announced that a slew of Echo devices have gained the ability to shake hands with the Fire TV family, meaning that you can set them up in formation to create an Alexa Home Theatre.

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You can check out the full list of compatible devices below, but, for those of you with the latest generation of Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Plus, this new feature means you can stream Dolby audio wireless.

It also means that those with the new Echo Studio can stream Dolby Atmos sound.

However, note that you can only connect a maximum of two speakers, plus an optional Echo Sub.

Which Echo and Fire TV devices are compatible?

Fire TV devices that can be connected:

  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Fire TV (3rd Generation)
  • Fire TV Cube (1st Generation) – available in the US only
  • Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation)

Echo devices that can be connected:

  • Echo Dot (3rd Generation)
  • Echo (2nd Generation)
  • Echo (3rd Generation)
  • Echo Plus (2nd Generation)
  • Echo Plus (1st Generation)
  • Echo Dot with clock
  • Echo Studio

How to connect Echo and Fire TV

1. Connect your Fire TV device and Echo device to the same network through the same Amazon account.

2. Then, in the Alexa app, tap on 'Devices' and then the '+' icon.

3. Tap 'Set Up Audio System' from the popup and then tap 'Home Cinema' on the next screen.

4. Select your Fire TV device and then 'Next' to name your new Home Theatre system.

5. Select the Echo devices you would like to use as speakers.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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