How to connect Innr bulbs to Phillips Hue (and Alexa)

Double Dutch: It's easy to get Innr smart light bulbs working in the Hue app

How to connect Innr bulbs to Phillips Hue
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We're massive fans of smart lighting brand Innr here at The Ambient. Not only does the Dutch startup have a great (and ever expanding) array of smart lighting devices, at very competitive prices, it also makes it super simple to get bulbs working within popular systems such as Hue, Alexa and SmartThings.

That Hue integration isn't really all that surprising, given the company was founded by a bunch of ex-Hue (and Ikea) people back in 2012.

Verdict: Innr smart light review

And the good news is – unlike getting Ikea's Trådfri smart lights working within the Hue app, which can be a bit of a fiddle – adding Innr bulbs to Hue is just as easy as adding regular Philips bulbs.

How to connect Innr bulbs to Phillips Hue (and Alexa too)

Adding Innr bulbs to the Hue app

Getting you Innr smart light bulbs appearing, and controllable, within the Hue app is easy. Just follow these steps.

1. Launch the Hue app and click Settings (bottom right corner).

2. Choose Light setup.

3. Click Add light and then tap Search.

4. You need to power the Innr bulb on and off during the search - this is the only difference from pairing a regular Hue bulb.

5. The Innr bulb should show up. Name it, and assign it a room.

No bridge needed

The best thing about the method above is, you don't even need an Innr bridge to get it to work. Sure, there is a very reliable Innr bridge on sale, should you want to start an Innr system from scratch but, if you've already got a Hue bridge, it's not needed.

And it isn't just Hue's Zigbee bridge that plays nicely with Innr. It can also be connected to a Samsung SmartThings hub, an Amazon Echo Plus or a 2nd-gen Echo Show.

Using the Hue method we went through above, your Innr bulbs will show as Hue bulbs within Alexa or Google Home. You can rename them, group them, control them, add them to routines... everything you could do with a Hue bulb, basically.

Sadly, there's no HomeKit support, though.

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