How to make Alexa talk faster or slower

Not quite your tempo? You can now speed up or slow Alexa's speech

How to make Alexa talk faster or slower
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Is Alexa rushing or dragging? Amazon has made it possible to adjust how fast its voice assistant talks.

The new feature came to the US first, but has now also dropped for the UK's Alexa users. It will make Alexa work better for many, but particularly those who are hard of hearing and would like to have Alexa speak more slowly.

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Amazon also points out that people who are blind or low vision are "used to consuming audio content and want to be able to listen more quickly." If you use Alexa to listen to your Kindle books, the new feature could also be especially handy.

There are seven different speeds you can have Alexa talk at; two are slower than the normal speed and the other four are faster.

To get Alexa to speak slower, just say “Alexa, speak slower." To make it speak faster – you guessed it – say "Alexa, speak faster." In both cases, the command will move Alexa up or down by one notch, so if you want to speed/slow further, you'll need to say the command again. As of right now there's no way to ask Alexa to speak at a specific speed, or change it in the app.

Should you want Alexa to return to its normal rate of speed, just say "Alexa, speak at your default rate."

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