​Alexa can now print more things out for you

Get crosswords, puzzles and recipes hot off the printer

​Alexa can now print more things out for you
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Amazon has updated Alexa with a handy new skill, and its voice assistant now print a host of new templates.

Alexa-enabled printing enables you to ask the voice assistant to print out common items.

It’s compatible with HP, Canon, Brother and Epson printers, and you can see if your specific printer is supported here.

It’s not quite set up to find documents on your PC and print them out like a digital secretary – although that would be nice. Instead, there’s a set of common documents you can ask Alexa to print.

Examples include recipes, your Alexa-based shopping list (or other lists you’re curating), kids' coloring pages, crosswords and sudokus, and even educational worksheets.

You’ll need two things – an Alexa compatible printer and a second generation Echo speaker or newer. You may be surprised that your printer is already Alexa compatible.

Once you have those things you just need to use Alexa to scan your network for devices. It should find your printer, which can then be added like any smart home device.

You can check out our guide to using smart home devices with Alexa for guidance.

And check out the list of Alexa-enabled printing commands:


Alexa, print my shopping list

Alexa, print my to-do list

Alexa, print a test page

Alexa, print graph paper

Alexa, print lined paper

Crosswords and Games

Alexa, print a crossword puzzle

Alexa, print me today's crossword answers

Alexa, print me last Sunday's crossword

Alexa, print a Sukodu puzzle


Alexa, print a first grade addition worksheet

Alexa, print a third grade multiplication worksheet

Alexa, print a fourth grade solar system worksheet

Alexa, print a coloring page

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