Arlo adds smart detection features – but they'll cost you extra

And you can call 911 from your phone

Arlo adds smart detection features

We’re big fans of Arlo smart cameras, but even the likes of the Arlo Pro 2 aren't perfect – with false positives and a lack of ability to filter out fairly basic things like swaying trees caused us to prefer the extortionately expensive Nest Cam IQ.

But Arlo has responded with a new set of features, which ups the smartness of the company’s cameras.

Person detection will now differentiate between human and animal, if you’re fed up of getting a notification and highlights reel every time your cat visits its litter tray. What’s more, the new Cloud Activity Zones enable you to block out specific areas, such as swaying trees.

Also, you won’t have to dive into the app every time you want to check out what’s going on at the ranch. A new feature called Rich Notifications means you can view the feed from your smartphone’s lock screen.

And there’s one more addition. The new service enables users to make an e911 call, which puts you straight to the emergency services near your home, wherever you are. No fretting about how to call 911 from the top of a mountain in Nepal – you go straight through.

“The new Arlo Smart service plans provide our users with additional features that expand the capabilities of the system in a way that best fit each user’s lifestyle. From intelligently learning about notification preferences to reducing ‘false positive’ alerts and even making it more convenient to contact first responders when it matters most, the new Arlo Smart service plans were designed with personalized safeguarding at the forefront,” said Pat Collins, senior vice president of Arlo.

The catch, however, is that you’ll need to pay for these extras, and much like Nest, they come via a monthly subscription.

Arlo Smart is the $2.99 plan offers access to these new features, on top of the seven-day playback of motion detected clips from five cameras you get for free.

Arlo Smart Premier is $9.99 per month, and offers 30 days of playback from up to 10 cameras, and you get access to the e911 feature. Also Smart Elite ($14.99) offers the same, but you get 60 days of footage storage from up to 20 cameras.

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