Arlo announces the Pro 3 security camera system with HDR and night vision

The cameras have a range of movement to let them follow potential intruders

Arlo announces Pro 3 security camera system
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Arlo has announced the next generation of its smart security camera system, the Arlo Pro 3.

Following on from the Arlo Pro 2, released back in 2018, each camera now has its own spotlight and gets a resolution boost from 1080p to 2K, with HDR also in the mix. Those spotlights mean that the cameras can also record in color in night vision mode - in theory at least.

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That's not all, though. The cameras have a new, wider field of view - 160 degrees instead of 130 degrees, and have upgraded microphones to pick up sound and speech. The Pro 3 are also the first Arlo cameras that pack a siren, letting them act as a deterrent when needed.

The cameras can also now independently tilt, zoom and pan to keep subjects in frame, just like the latest cameras from the company, the Arlo Ultra. That could make it easier to cover broader areas without having to buy more cameras than you'd like.

Arlo announces the Pro 3 security camera system with HDR and night vision

Arlo has confirmed that the new generation of cameras will be compatible with previous Arlo base stations, so you could add Pro 3 cameras to your existing system without having to overhaul the whole thing. Existing Arlo Ultra accessories will also work in the same way with Pro 3 components.

The Pro 3 cameras each have a battery life of six months, and are IP65 weather-resistant, making them completely at home outdoors.

They're also compatible with the range of major smart assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, meaning they should be able to slot into most smart home setups.

The Pro 3 system will be available to pre-order on 1 October through Amazon, and will actually release on 28 October. It will be priced at $499 for a starter kit with two cameras, which will include a three-month trial of Arlo Smart, Arlo's premium recording-storage service.

Individual camera add-ons will be available for purchase at $199, meanwhile.

Arlo has consistently impressed us with its camera systems, becoming arguably the default choice for a smart home security camera network, so we'll be sure to go hands-on with the Pro 3 system to judge it against the competition very soon. It looks like a solid option at a slightly lower price-point than the Arlo Ultra.

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