You can now use Amazon's Echo Buttons to control your smart home routines

Those colorful buttons are no longer just for fun

Echo Buttons get Alexa routine powers
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Remember Echo Buttons, the little pushable Alexa accessories? When Amazon introduced them last year the Bluetooth buttons seemed little more than a fun addition for party games, but those buttons are now getting the ability to trigger Alexa routines.

Amazon announced the Buttons are getting routine abilities with the latest version of the Alexa app. Once you're up to date, just go to create a new routine in the app and you'll be able to select an Echo Button as a trigger.

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So with the push of a button you could trigger a night time routine that powers down the house lights and adjusts the smart thermostat. Or perhaps you want a routine to start your favorite Spotify playlist and get you in the mood for the day.

These buttons are just a faster way of saying, "Alexa, start X routine", which can be particularly handy for other members of the household or visiting guests, who may not know your exact utterances for controlling Alexa.

Echo Buttons cost $20 for a 2-pack, so like the Echo Dot Amazon is hoping you'll buy several of these and spur Alexa's ever-tightening control over the smart home.

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