Elgato Eve Button takes the fight to Logitech's Pop

CES 2018: HomeKit controller and revamped Eve Room announced

Elgato Eve Button controller goes live
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Elgato has used CES 2018 to launch a new category in its Eve smart home lineup. The Elgato Eve Button is a HomeKit controller, providing a physical switch for your three favourite HomeKit scenes.

Taking on the likes of the Logitech Pop switch, the Eve Button has the trump card of not needing a separate Hub. It communicates using Bluetooth low energy, essentially pinging a signal to your HomeKit hub (Apple TV or iPad) to get your scene selected. It's 100% HomeKit therefore, as all Eve products are, so will only work with Works with Apple HomeKit certified devices.

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On the slick looking button - the anodized aluminium finish looks more premium than the Pop's plastic build - you can set the button to select one of three scenes from a single tap, double tap or long press.

As it's only Bluetooth LE powering the show, battery life is as long as the coin battery lasts (a long time) so you won't need to bother charging it.

Alongside the Eve Button, Elgato also used the Vegas show to reveal a revamped Eve Room - this time boasting an E Ink display. Like its predecessor, the HomeKit-friendly sensor is capable of monitoring air quality, temperature and humidity.

Elgato Eve Button takes the fight to Logitech's Pop

It works straight out of the box - no need to set anything up or pair it with anything if you don't want to. Obviously you'll get the most out of it - warnings, chart readings and the like - if you add it to your HomeKit setup and use the Eve app. (An app that, say it quietly, is actually better at managing all of your HomeKit devices than Apple's Home app is.)

The Eve Button is available to order now, and will start shipping next week. It's $49.95 from Elgato direct, or from Amazon.

Eve Room will go on sale for $99.95 in March.

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