LG unveils Eco-City Garden concept at the Chelsea Flower Show

Tech'd up greenery aims to improve wellbeing and reduce pollution

LG shows off concept smart garden
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LG has unveiled a piece at the Chelsea Flower Show that pairs smart garden tech with greenery in order to raise awareness for pollution in contemporary society.

The LG Eco-City Garden represents the green space allocated to one housing unit in a high-rise apartment, pairing select trees, plants and shrubs with tech in order to provide a blueprint for future housing. The company has partnered with Korean landscape architect Hay Joung Hwang to create the show garden, while also revealing figures which speak to the concerns of those living within cities.

LG's research states that pollution is the top concern for city dwellers in the UK, with a third of those asked (33%) choosing to grow their own plants in order to improve their wellbeing. Meanwhile, 59% of Brits believe that gardens, parks and other green spaces help them to feel calmer, more relaxed (48%) and happy (46%).

LG reveals eco-city garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

Naturally, LG has filled the garden space with some of its own tech to work alongside the plants and running water features, with the company's Signature Kitchen Suite meshing into the garden alongside the the Signature OLED TV, which showcases digital art. It also includes the latest aquaponics systems to provide nutrients from fish waste to nourish a vertical vegetable and herb farm, and solar powered LED lights to create conditions for vegetables and herbs grow.

Of course, the figures showcased by LG aren't exactly anything we haven't seen before. It's why there's mountains of smart garden tech available for savvy green thumbs to plant in the garden, from sensors and smart sprinklers to connected lawnmowers and even indoor plants.

This example from LG forgoes the inclusion of any of this garden-specific tech, but it does show us how a garden of the future could even use the likes of smart displays and integrate with a smart kitchen in order to promote wellbeing and reduce pollution. And for its troubles, it picked up the Silver-Gilt medal from the Royal Hortological Society at the Show.

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